​Track lighting systems introduce creative flair in enticing but subtle ways that guests least expect when they walk into a room. Some of their best qualities are that they are affordable and easy to install, yet can create the equivalent effect of a professional interior design job! This is especially true because they are adaptable and customizable to varying needs of varying rooms. The available variety is huge, including rigid, flexible, pendulum and jointed sectional systems from name brands like Lightolier Lytespan, Juno, Halo, Hampton Bay, Pro Track, WAC and El-co. Flexible track lighting is especially useful in adjusting to a specific design. It is generally bendable and can be re-bent as needed while some are bendable one-time after you buy them and then stay in that initial position. However complex the layout is, flexible tracks can get the job done and deliver results.In a track lighting system, light fixtures are secured as a group to a continuous track device in which they are powered by electric conductors. Tracks can hang from vaulted ceilings or drape down austere walls, be mounted to beams or fixed to joists, whether it is to add ambience or functionality. One of their popular uses is to add depth to a room, which any small, crowded, low-ceiling ed or monochromatic room could use. What flexible track lighting especially does is provide more mounting options, in tricky corners or awkward spots that rigid tracks can not reach. It can be S curves, spirals, light waves or waves. You can mix and match light fixtures for general and task illumination, including incandescent, halogen and energy-saving light bulbs, swing-arm and adjustable fixtures.Another popular use of track lights is to add a dramatic effect to a creative presentation, such as to enhance a room’s architectural detailing, décor or works of art on display. This is ideal for exhibits, events, stages, in-store design and window display. While rigid track lights are good for straightforward layouts like with paintings, photographs or wall art, or Bauhaus interiors, flexible track lights work with thorny layouts like with sculpture, mixed media or installation art, or art deco interiors. A wide selection of track finishes including bronze, brass, chrome, white, steel and brushed steel bars and lines can adapt to your overall desired look. Complement a room or artwork’s palette with a choice of lighting tones from white to frosted, emerald and amber.Flexible track lighting may be bought as complete systems, per-assembled, easy-install, do-it-yourself or design-your-own kits. D.I.Y. kits are typically so simple that all you have to do is plug the lighting system into or connect it with an existing outlet. The standard tracks are H, J and L, named after Halo, Juno and Lightener, the manufacturers that set those standards. Classic, traditional, functional, contemporary and transitional designs are readily available in most home depots and warehouses. You can easily buy track components separately, such as track heads, track connectors, linear tracks and other track parts. Also available in D.I.Y. kits, flex tracks, cable lighting systems, monorail and directional rail tracks provide more options.

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