Emergency lighting – A Reliable and Long Lasting light source

Light in human life has great importance. Since the invention; lights have occupied an important place in people’s lives and serve human being in various ways in their daily life. Emergency lighting is an advanced and useful battery-backed lighting gadget that is commonly refers to battery-backed or other independently sources of power light that is especially developed to activate different type of lighting when a power cut happened or low-visibility of lighting conditions in a workplace.

Emergency lighting is an important necessity for storms, blackouts, tripped breakers and natural disasters. The important places where the appearance of emergency light is necessary including restaurant hotels, airports, shopping areas, museums or large and small renovation projects. The reliability and visibility of emergency lights cannot be compromised for any reason. These lights provide a battery with a high lumen and wide lighting coverage that can illuminate a space the size of a big hall. They are very bright and give glare free lighting with lots of LED’s.

Emergency lighting is most important in relatively more hazardous places, such as factories, mines and drilling rigs, where rigorous work continues and where a lot of hazardous materials are stored. Even in small town and urban residential buildings, emergency lighting can be a huge help, especially in areas such as stairs and verandas. Suppose that a sudden outage, everyone will try to use the stairs to exit the building. To avoid any harm, these lights are very useful.

These lights are divided in two groups first one is fixed and 2nd in fixed and movable. Those that are usually installed are located on narrow balconies, stairs, and exits. However, the emergency lighting on exit roads does not as exit lights. The Exit lights are usually lighted all the time, but emergency lights only when necessary. Portable emergency lights are useful for getting help faster when a power outage occurs or when you want to follow someone in the dark. These mobile lightings are usually lightweight and can be moved easily from place to place.

What is the main purpose of emergency lighting?

Emergency lights are designed to provide sufficient lighting to a property during an emergency. The main purpose of emergency lighting is to ensure that lighting is provided quickly, automatically without power cut and at the suitable time when a conventional light source fails and does not work to ensure safe evacuation of people inside the building in case of any emergency. They are necessary not only for the safety of the building, but also for the safety of people in the building.

Working Mechanism of Emergency lighting

The working Mechanism of Emergency lighting is much straightforward. The emergency lights are connected to building’s main power supply to charge internal batteries continuously. The internal batteries to provide backup power for lighting in case of main lighting supply. This ensures that the lights remain on during a power cut, allowing occupants to easily find exits if they need to leave the building.

Longer battery life

An important feature that good emergency lighting equipment should have is a longer battery life than a conventional lighting system. It cannot be said when to use light. Therefore, it is very important to get such lighting with a long battery life. For longer battery life do not keep emergency lights charged for a long time without use. Try to make sure that it is used, even if it is not needed, at least for half an hour every week.

Made Of High Quality Material

The lights are very durable lights constructed with high quality anti-fire and anti-aging ABS HOUSING material which meet all international standards. The high quality test button used in these lights has passed thousands of tests to make sure that the light turn on automatically when a power outage occurs.

Durable Backup:

This emergency light gives a good mount of light with sufficient brightness for long time which is least 90 minutes or more during power cuts, also equipped with indicator light, and provides sufficient evacuation time.

Wide Application:

When the power is turned off, the voltage sensor completes the battery circuit, including the lights. The emergency light can be used in various type of commercial and domestic properties for lighting in different positions.

Main components ofemergency lighting

The emergency lighting is consists to various components some important components are listed below.

LED light: The LED light is main component that emits light when turned on.

Rechargeable battery: The rechargeable battery is another important component that provides power to emergency light when power cut from conventional light source fail. The time for how much light run is depend on battery.

Charging Indicator: it’s a red LED light present on emergency lighting fixture that indicate and enables the user to see is the emergency lighting actively being charged.

Light dependent resistor (LDR): LDR is another important component that automatically turns on the light depending on the darkness; means that it stays off when there is light and turns on when there is no light.

Emergency Light Module

The emergency lighting module provides lighting with all the operations necessary to supply power and charge the light.

Capacitor: The basic use of capacitor is Filtration, which means removing the ripples as a result of the wave.

Emergency Light Indicator sign

This symbol shows that the light fitting is an emergency light.

Advanced features of emergency lighting

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Environment Impact
  • Optional self-diagnostic feature.

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