Best Console Table With Drawers (Latest Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

Console Tables have a unique design that distinguishes itself from other table selections that you can purchase. Console table with storage is usually three to four feet in height, however sometimes will be as tall as five feet, and has a table top, ranging from two to four feet in length and about two feet in width that will rest of a base of four sturdy legs.

Over the years, manufacturers have made variations on this design. Now, some console tables will have shelves, drawers, drop down aprons, and you can even get ones with cabinet features.

Like accent tables they can be fashioned out of a number of different materials including wood, like maple, oak, walnut, or ash, but sometimes tables will be made from metal, glass, and even stone.

What is interesting about console tables is how they are one of the most commonly misunderstood pieces of furniture around. People think that they only place that they can be put is at the end of a hallway.

A console table would really be a fabulous addition to any room in your home. For example, let’s say your living room has an empty wall that is in desperate need of filling. So far, everything that you have tried to place there is just not getting the job done.

You put a plant in there and other items, yet none of it seems to break up the space well. Instead of getting frustrated, a console table would be a nice solution to your problem.

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