4 Ways the Internet Has Made Our Lives Easier

The advent of internet brought with it  convenience, ease, and accessibility. At the same time it also gave cybercrime a ground to breed for generations to come. However, the responsible use of internet has resulted in a better quality of life for many.

It has created new arenas for businesses and given a big boost to the entertainment industry by allowing it to deliver real time data to its viewers. It has created new opportunities for innovation for startups. It has created jobs by offering various freelancing platforms. It has also opened ways for creative advertising of products through social media and digital marketing. Over the years the internet has offered us various resources to keep records, and observe trends in the market. There are a number companies today that offer high-speed internet services at reasonable prices such as Optimum internet services.Such accessibility to the internet has made revolutionized our lives.Here are a few ways the internet has made our lives easier.


E-commerce is the most practical advantage the internet as to offer. E-commerce is a growing field these days and has provided an opportunity to earn with an online shop. This means that you do not have to own a physical space to display, market and sell your products or services. You can easily do this with a website, social media account or certain blogging spaces too. It is a great way for side hustlers to explore their chances of having a start-up and upgrading their skills along with their full-time or part-time job.

The internet has also been advantageous for people who would like to take up online courses to enhance their skills and discover additional talents they are passionate about. While the pandemic has rendered a lot of people unemployed, it has opened a lot of job opportunities online. With freelancing platforms it has become pretty easy to find the job that matches your skill. This has been a great advantage of internet over the years.

Digital Marketing

Not only can you setup an online store using the internet, you can also ensure that your products and services are advertised properly. Gone are those days when you had to go through a long process to let your advertisement run on television. You had to follow a strict code to get it approved, which left little or no space for creativity in your ads. The medium of advertisement was not targeted according to gender, age or hobbies of its audience.

Now with the internet you can be as creative as you want with your advertisement, run them at a minimal cost without going through the hassle of it getting approved, and precisely target your audience based on gender, age and hobbies. Not only this, but the internet also ensures that you get information regarding how your product is performing based on your marketing strategy. This allows you to experiment with different marketing strategies and figure out which works better for your product or service. This has also opened employment opportunities for digital content creators in this era of recession and pandemic. It is becoming a fast growing field.

Streaming Shows and Movies

While a lot of new business opportunities have opened up, some also shut down with the advent of internet like the shops we used to go to as soon as a new album of our favorite music band was launched. If you know what a VCR is, you are probably too old for this generation. However, these classics that used to give profitable business have now been taken over by Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. You have to pay a monthly fee and you can watch your favorite TV shows without the clutter of CDs and DVD.

With faster internet speeds these streaming apps have upgraded to a better resolution. If you want to relax for the day and you have missed your favorite show on television you can relax while watching Netflix. While the kids of this era have seen the most technological advancement, millennials have seen it transition. This is probably the reason why we feel having entertainment like Netflix at our fingertips is pretty cool. Getting to watch an episode of a show during the lunch break can be your “me time” for the day when you do not feel like socializing with other people.

Social Media

In this era, social media is a part of our lives that we take most for granted. Our day starts with checking “what’s new” and what is trending around the world. Before we could head out to grab a newspaper, latest news has already reached us via our mobile phones and tablets. Post a picture of the outfit of your day on Instagram, write your heart out on Facebook, and create stories of the happiest moments of your life on Snapchat and feel like a celebrity.

Social media has helped us shorten the great geographical distances that we have created with our friends as we got older and busier. We may not be in contact with all of them daily, but we know if they are happy or sad and we can become a part of that as long as we care about them.

Final Words

The internet has definitely made our lives easier. However, we must not forget that anything when taken in excess could be harmful for our physical and mental health. While there are a lot of good things about the internet there are a lot of bad things too. The answer is not to shun it out of our lives but rather use the internet responsibly. Irresponsible use of the internet can lead to adopting bad habits, inefficiency at work, procrastination while studying and loss of concentration in day to day tasks. These things can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and make you lose focus from the goals you have set out to achieve in your life.

Schedule your time accordingly and never prioritize the internet over your loved ones. You can have a movie night with your family rather than watching Netflix alone, or you could teach them how to use a new app they may be interested in or you may play a game with your friends and family available online and make wise use of the internet.


Sweatshirts for women Is Branching Out to Fit All Ages women

Every time the word “Sweatshirt “ is used to describe clothing, people turn down their noses. They find it a disgusting treat that can only be worn at home on weekends. Clothing in public shows that someone lacks success and motivation. However, hooded sweatshirts for women break this negative view of sportswear and, in fact, become fashion.

Hooded sweatshirts, commonly referred to as hoodies, are a sweatshirt with a muff sewn in the front, a hood, often drawstring, and sometimes with a vertical zipper. The term “sweatshirt” is more used to refer to a pullover sweatshirt with a hood than a zip version. Beloved sweatshirts are clothes that excite and make life more fun.

Sweatshirts style originated a long time ago, somewhere unexpectedly. Monks in medieval Europe made the old school sweatshirt popular. A long decorative hood called a hood was attached to their mantle or tunic. The hood was used as a meditation tool in the study of religion and worship. The street worker soon began to wear a chaperon, or hooded cloak.

At this time, fashionable sweatshirts for women began to appear on the catwalks. Famous designers like Norma Kamali have delighted in the new style of the sweatshirt. It wasn’t enough to boost his reputation as hip-hop culture also influenced the hoodie. The accessible hood provided anonymity, which attracted the criminal side of hip-hop culture.

The culture of hip-hop gave the hoodie a criminal flavor, but that all changed in the 1990s when the hoodie style revolutionized. Instead of criminalization, the sweatshirt represented isolation, academia, and fashion. University logo sweatshirts have become a popular way to show off their education by associating clothing with youth.

At that time, designers also started using the sweatshirt for fashion statements. He still personified youth. The designer style of the hoodie was popularized by rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, giving hip-hop a new definition of haute couture instead of criminal. Young skateboarders and surfers made the sweatshirt their fashion statement, which unfortunately made these clothes lazy.

The history of sweatshirts for women suggests that hoodies are designed for young people. They are very popular in middle and high school as well as college. Mark Zuckerburg made the hoodie even more famous when he put it on for a disciplinary hearing. Fashion choices were looked down on at the time, but now it is seen as a successful mismatch.

Considering sweatshirt for women in the professional world as non-conformist means that ordinary adults don’t even dream of wearing it to work. But there is no reason not to. The monks wore it to show devotion. Workers during the Great Depression wore it to better do their jobs. College students wear it to focus more on their studies than their looks.

The hooded sweatshirt for women has a utilitarian purpose, but is still considered a piece of everyday wear. Designers are changing this definition. They encourage people of all ages to wear the clothes they like. Placing sweatshirts under jackets combines casual attire with a professional look. A casual haute couture look can eventually make its way into the everyday working business class.

If you are going to purchase sweatshirts for women online is the best place. We provide all-over print on crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts. We use a special sublimation technique that allows us to print very vivid photographic images onto fabrics. We love to be weird, cool, scary, unique, fresh, and every other fancy verb you can think of. Customer satisfaction is very important to Beloved Shirts and we promise quality as well as supreme happiness for customers.


3 SEO Practices That Are Often Overlooked by Businesses

It is no question that search engine optimization (SEO) has grown to become one of the most popular digital marketing techniques today, and in Brisbane, such is no exception. As one of Australia’s most populous cities, Brisbane has a thriving $177 billion economy that attracts aspiring entrepreneurs and foreign investors to engage in business there. Thus, competition grows more and more intense over the years, and the need to differentiate your company from all other performers is now more critical than ever.

Nowadays, SEO Brisbane services are prevalent as businesses are continually looking out to increase their online presence. However, with SEO becoming a common practice for most companies, it is essential to utilize effective strategies to stand out from the competition. Below, you will find three SEO strategies that are often overlooked and ignored but should not be as they can bring lots to the game and offer tons of potential for any business.

Use High-quality Backlinks

Many businesses do not realize how vital link building is in an SEO strategy. Truthfully, backlinks are one of the critical factors that Google looks at to determine your search rank. Thus, you must use high-quality backlinks and monitor these to ensure that your links help establish the authority, credibility, and reputation of your business.

While having more links can naturally generate better results, you also have to be wary of your links’ quality. If your site is detected to have low-quality links with spammy content, you may risk getting penalized by Google or getting delisted from the search engine. Since link building is more technical than most SEO practices, you can benefit from getting SEO Brisbane services to ensure that your strategy is up to par.

Make Infographics

Many marketers do not realize how large of a factor visual impact is in attracting users. While it is true that content quality matters in building customer loyalty and hooking their attention, it is equally true that users love visual content. Using infographics, in particular, can be a massive help to your SEO and content marketing strategy as they are informative, easy to understand, and appealing. Users enjoy this type of format since it allows them to learn and remember the information more quickly.

Optimize for Voice Searches

Voice search has long been existing in gadgets, but it was only recently when users began to use it more often, especially for searches. Back in 2019, you may have heard of the growing number of people that used voice searches, especially in products like Amazon Alexa and the like. The trend continues to stay strong in 2020 and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

As such, you must optimize your site to cater to voice searches. Since these types of searches are structured in a way that sounds like a real question, you can expect users to be more specific about their queries. The most significant difference with voice and text searches is that the former has more intention, which makes it even more important that you are able to display your content to your target users.

As the world of SEO continues to evolve, you must continue to monitor and update your strategy to ensure that it generates positive results for your business. However, aside from looking into the most common and effective SEO practices, you must also utilize other techniques that are often ignored. In fact, it is the strategies like the three mentioned above that matter the most as they can set you apart from your competitors.


Corel Videostudio Ultimate 2020 Review

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 is, without a doubt, a versatile movie editor. Corel videostudio x10 latest version is a really super-fast program and it is full of intuitive resources. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate full version provide each other with creative modifications, cutting-edge implications, monitor recording, interactive Internet movies, and general disc creation.

​Corel videostudio review is a reliable video editor with support for DVD creation options, various transitions, effects, online sharing mode on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo, library and templates.

corel videostudio ultimate 2019 review lets you do anything from your favorite movies and slide shows to enjoyable stop-motion animations, on-screen recordings of shows, and more. corel videostudio pro engage your audience with professional video editing software, Ultra HD (4K) capabilities, and new motion-tracking technology.

Share your videos with HTML5 video support for web, DVD, Blu-ray Disc and mobile devices. Get creative with modern creative stellar and composite effects. Harness the full power of your multi-core processor at unprecedented speed. Learn about the benefits of FastFlick. It’s an easy 3-step way to quickly create and display great movies in less time.

Is Corel VideoStudio good video editing tool?

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is an awesome product with a clean and simple interface and loaded with fun features, but our tests show that it has had an impact on stability in the last update.

Is corel videostudio 2020 Safe to Use

The video and movie editing program is 100% safe. Scanning the folder with VideoStudio content using Avast Antivirus did not show anything suspicious.

How do I crop an unwanted area in a video with corel videostudio x10?

To remove unwanted area in a video Click on the video and click the Crop button as shown in the screen image to open the Crop and rotate tool. Resize and place the rectangle in the preview window to define the desired frame area. Finally, click Apply.


Emergency lighting – A Reliable and Long Lasting light source

Light in human life has great importance. Since the invention; lights have occupied an important place in people’s lives and serve human being in various ways in their daily life. Emergency lighting is an advanced and useful battery-backed lighting gadget that is commonly refers to battery-backed or other independently sources of power light that is especially developed to activate different type of lighting when a power cut happened or low-visibility of lighting conditions in a workplace.

Emergency lighting is an important necessity for storms, blackouts, tripped breakers and natural disasters. The important places where the appearance of emergency light is necessary including restaurant hotels, airports, shopping areas, museums or large and small renovation projects. The reliability and visibility of emergency lights cannot be compromised for any reason. These lights provide a battery with a high lumen and wide lighting coverage that can illuminate a space the size of a big hall. They are very bright and give glare free lighting with lots of LED’s.

Emergency lighting is most important in relatively more hazardous places, such as factories, mines and drilling rigs, where rigorous work continues and where a lot of hazardous materials are stored. Even in small town and urban residential buildings, emergency lighting can be a huge help, especially in areas such as stairs and verandas. Suppose that a sudden outage, everyone will try to use the stairs to exit the building. To avoid any harm, these lights are very useful.

These lights are divided in two groups first one is fixed and 2nd in fixed and movable. Those that are usually installed are located on narrow balconies, stairs, and exits. However, the emergency lighting on exit roads does not as exit lights. The Exit lights are usually lighted all the time, but emergency lights only when necessary. Portable emergency lights are useful for getting help faster when a power outage occurs or when you want to follow someone in the dark. These mobile lightings are usually lightweight and can be moved easily from place to place.

What is the main purpose of emergency lighting?

Emergency lights are designed to provide sufficient lighting to a property during an emergency. The main purpose of emergency lighting is to ensure that lighting is provided quickly, automatically without power cut and at the suitable time when a conventional light source fails and does not work to ensure safe evacuation of people inside the building in case of any emergency. They are necessary not only for the safety of the building, but also for the safety of people in the building.

Working Mechanism of Emergency lighting

The working Mechanism of Emergency lighting is much straightforward. The emergency lights are connected to building’s main power supply to charge internal batteries continuously. The internal batteries to provide backup power for lighting in case of main lighting supply. This ensures that the lights remain on during a power cut, allowing occupants to easily find exits if they need to leave the building.

Longer battery life

An important feature that good emergency lighting equipment should have is a longer battery life than a conventional lighting system. It cannot be said when to use light. Therefore, it is very important to get such lighting with a long battery life. For longer battery life do not keep emergency lights charged for a long time without use. Try to make sure that it is used, even if it is not needed, at least for half an hour every week.

Made Of High Quality Material

The lights are very durable lights constructed with high quality anti-fire and anti-aging ABS HOUSING material which meet all international standards. The high quality test button used in these lights has passed thousands of tests to make sure that the light turn on automatically when a power outage occurs.

Durable Backup:

This emergency light gives a good mount of light with sufficient brightness for long time which is least 90 minutes or more during power cuts, also equipped with indicator light, and provides sufficient evacuation time.

Wide Application:

When the power is turned off, the voltage sensor completes the battery circuit, including the lights. The emergency light can be used in various type of commercial and domestic properties for lighting in different positions.

Main components ofemergency lighting

The emergency lighting is consists to various components some important components are listed below.

LED light: The LED light is main component that emits light when turned on.

Rechargeable battery: The rechargeable battery is another important component that provides power to emergency light when power cut from conventional light source fail. The time for how much light run is depend on battery.

Charging Indicator: it’s a red LED light present on emergency lighting fixture that indicate and enables the user to see is the emergency lighting actively being charged.

Light dependent resistor (LDR): LDR is another important component that automatically turns on the light depending on the darkness; means that it stays off when there is light and turns on when there is no light.

Emergency Light Module

The emergency lighting module provides lighting with all the operations necessary to supply power and charge the light.

Capacitor: The basic use of capacitor is Filtration, which means removing the ripples as a result of the wave.

Emergency Light Indicator sign

This symbol shows that the light fitting is an emergency light.

Advanced features of emergency lighting

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Environment Impact
  • Optional self-diagnostic feature.

Nero Platinum Suite Review [PC Download]

Nero Platinum Suite latest version is a comprehensive suite of applications that gives users the ability to copy and burn CD / DVD discs, as well as edit, convert and play videos, as well as back up data and recover lost files when needed. Nero Platinum Suite allows you to process, create, convert, shoot and burn movies, audio and photos for the best home and career entertainment.

Nero 2020 Multimedia Suite allows you to process, create, convert, shoot and burn movies, audio and photos for the best home and career entertainment. The complete 360 Degree Knowledge Implemented Advanced Easy Video Clip Editing, Progressive Movie Conversion Technology for watching videos on any disc. Plus, recording and backing up will help complete your electronic lifestyle.



​Track lighting systems introduce creative flair in enticing but subtle ways that guests least expect when they walk into a room. Some of their best qualities are that they are affordable and easy to install, yet can create the equivalent effect of a professional interior design job! This is especially true because they are adaptable and customizable to varying needs of varying rooms. The available variety is huge, including rigid, flexible, pendulum and jointed sectional systems from name brands like Lightolier Lytespan, Juno, Halo, Hampton Bay, Pro Track, WAC and El-co. Flexible track lighting is especially useful in adjusting to a specific design. It is generally bendable and can be re-bent as needed while some are bendable one-time after you buy them and then stay in that initial position. However complex the layout is, flexible tracks can get the job done and deliver results.In a track lighting system, light fixtures are secured as a group to a continuous track device in which they are powered by electric conductors. Tracks can hang from vaulted ceilings or drape down austere walls, be mounted to beams or fixed to joists, whether it is to add ambience or functionality. One of their popular uses is to add depth to a room, which any small, crowded, low-ceiling ed or monochromatic room could use. What flexible track lighting especially does is provide more mounting options, in tricky corners or awkward spots that rigid tracks can not reach. It can be S curves, spirals, light waves or waves. You can mix and match light fixtures for general and task illumination, including incandescent, halogen and energy-saving light bulbs, swing-arm and adjustable fixtures.Another popular use of track lights is to add a dramatic effect to a creative presentation, such as to enhance a room’s architectural detailing, décor or works of art on display. This is ideal for exhibits, events, stages, in-store design and window display. While rigid track lights are good for straightforward layouts like with paintings, photographs or wall art, or Bauhaus interiors, flexible track lights work with thorny layouts like with sculpture, mixed media or installation art, or art deco interiors. A wide selection of track finishes including bronze, brass, chrome, white, steel and brushed steel bars and lines can adapt to your overall desired look. Complement a room or artwork’s palette with a choice of lighting tones from white to frosted, emerald and amber.Flexible track lighting may be bought as complete systems, per-assembled, easy-install, do-it-yourself or design-your-own kits. D.I.Y. kits are typically so simple that all you have to do is plug the lighting system into or connect it with an existing outlet. The standard tracks are H, J and L, named after Halo, Juno and Lightener, the manufacturers that set those standards. Classic, traditional, functional, contemporary and transitional designs are readily available in most home depots and warehouses. You can easily buy track components separately, such as track heads, track connectors, linear tracks and other track parts. Also available in D.I.Y. kits, flex tracks, cable lighting systems, monorail and directional rail tracks provide more options.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 Reviews


Best Living Room Sectionals Reviews

Best Living Room Sectionals Reviews

​Are you looking for living room sectionals? Here you will find all the information you need to help you choose the sectional that best suits your needs.Of all the furniture seats that are out there in the market, living room sectionals are probably the best type to get, as they are so versatile in the way you can put them together. You can add as many or as little sections as you want. You can also arrange the sectionals how you want, in virtually any configuration that can fit your home – whether it be the classic “L” shape, “U” shape, or spread out across your living area in patches. This makes them the ultimate in comfort and aesthetics.

Leather Sectional:

Simply put, leather is beautiful. There’s something about leather that portrays a sense of elegance and sophistication. And don’t forget, leather is oh so comfortable.

Living Room Sectionals:

Whether the padding underneath is soft or firm, the suppleness of leather upholstery gives makes your body feel good as you settle down into your sectional. Not to mention, leather is very durable so you will enjoy this fine piece of furniture for decades.

Microfiber Sectional:

Want to save some money but don’t want to skimp on comfort or aesthetics? Opt for a microfiber living room sectional.

Living Room Sectionals:

They can be hundreds to thousands of dollars less expensive than their leather counterparts. Plus, microfiber allows for more breath ability, which makes for a refreshing lounging experience. You can sit or lay in comfort for hours without having to worry about sweat building up. Microfiber sectionals also come in a wider range of colors. You can go with your earthy browns, oranges, and greens. Or you can go with your trendy reds, yellows, and blues. The possibilities are endless.

Reclining Sectional:

This situation might sound familiar. You and a bunch of other people are sitting in your living room, lounging about.

Living Room Sectionals:

You want to lay back but everywhere you turn there’s somebody sitting right there. There’s simply no room. Well, a reclining living room sectional can be the perfect solution. Each section of this sectional has the capability to recline. Just pull a lever, the back support reclines and the bottom pops out and becomes a foot rest. Issue solved.

Sectional Sofa Bed:

Do you often have guests? Do you enjoy spending late nights in the living room with friends and family, watching TV or just lounging about until you fall asleep?

Living Room Sectionals:

This type of sectional is perfect for you. As the name implies, this type of sectional can be converted into a bed. They fold down easy to create a flat surface to lay on. They feature extra wide seats and chaises so that you have enough room to spread your limbs as you lay down. They are also usually a little firm to give your body support as you are resting. If you decide to get a sectional sofa bed, we highly recommend that you get one that has storage space under the seats. That way you can store your blankets and pillows in there.

Home Theater Sectional:

These types of living room sectionals are designed specifically to enhance your movie, or television watching experience at home.

Living Room Sectionals:

Combined with the right entertainment system, they can really make you feel like you are sitting in an actual movie theater. The most common type is the linear arrangement, with three or four seats. However, many of them come in the half circle arrangement with accompanying ottoman. A very common feature of home theater sectionals is the high back seats with a slight S curve, just like in the movie theaters. Next, many of them will come with cup holders which at the ends, and between each individual seat. That way, you can snack on popcorn and sip your soft drinks. One nice features you may want to look for when buying this type of sectional is the built in cooler so you can keep your drinks chilled. Another feature that you might want to get is the reclining seats with pop out foot rest, which will provide a relaxing experience that not even most movie theaters can provide.

Living Room Sectionals With Chaise And Ottoman

These are probably the most versatile of all the styles of sectionals available.

Living Room Sectionals:

A chaise is an extended seat, which allows more room for putting your legs up or when you want to lay down. Chaises are positioned at one end or both ends of the sofa. They can extend forward, allowing you to put up your legs and lay your arm on the arm rest. Other chaises extend sideways, eliminating the arm rest but allowing for someone to lay down without having to scrounge or curl up.

The ottoman makes the seating arrangement even more versatile. You can place an ottoman at either end, which will create an extra seat. Or you can place the ottoman to extend the chase, which will create an even longer extension, perhaps to lay down or simply just to seat another person. You can also place the ottoman in the middle so everyone can put up their feet. You can also place a serving tray on top of the ottoman to create a mock coffee table. Lastly, you can place the ottoman in the corner of your sectional to create a bed like surface that can fit more than one person.

Circular Sectional:

These types of living room sectionals are popular among st owners of trendy, modern homes and lofts.

Living Room Sectionals:

They can make for a really cool Jet son like appearance. The seating arrangements of circular sectionals include half moon, half circle, and “C” shape. Some will have their sections cut in such a way that the sectional can be arranged in an “S” shape. Some will come with multiple chaises so you can create all sorts of weird, windy shapes. Some are even double sided, which is great when you have lots of guests. A little warning, however. Although these have high entertainment value, they are generally not very practical. They can be quite difficult to lay down on. Due to their circular shape, they take up a lot of space. So, they are not ideal for spaces, but rather large ones.

Home Appliances

Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Mowers

How caring you are for your lawn will eventually tell. But many times it’s not the lack of effort but unawareness about some basics that causes your lawn to suffer. Here we give you some knowledge about how to maintain your lawn and how to maintain your lawn mower.

How to maintain your lawn

The first thing we are going to tell you is about fertilizers. Most people prefer chemical fertilizers for their gardens but it’s actually not good. You should opt for chemical treatment only if your garden needs immediate care. Would you like to swallow pills every day? Obviously not. Then how can you let your garden suffocate with chemicals. There’s always a holistic solution. Organic fertilizers and nutrients can boost your garden’s health without any side effect.

Water Quantity

Water your lawn in appropriate quantity. How much you need to water your lawn will depend on the climate of your area and soil composition and the current season. But it’s said that an inch of water once a week is enough, except if you belong to a hot and arid land. Whenever your lawn feels dry to touch it’s time to water it. Prolonging the watering cycle can do damage to the lawn and you’ll have to put in more efforts in recuperating?To check how long you need to water, what you can do is arrange lots of containers around your lawn before watering. When the containers have one inch of water you no longer need to water the lawn. This way you’ll also get to know how much water every part of your lawn gets and if any particular area needs some sprinkling.

Types of Grass

Different types of grass grow at different pace so the cutting height requirements are also different. So observe your grass and decide how much trimming it needs. The growth of grass will also change with the season so how often you have to mow will vary accordingly. Many times, lawns are either mowed too short or they are left to grow in abandon. Also keep your mower blades sharp enough; a blunt blade does more harm than good to your lawn. ​Here you can read how often should you mow your lawn.


Aeration i.e. providing air to the soil by digging and tilling it is very essential. This process allows water, air and nutrients to be properly absorbed by the soil and the soil remains porous and doesn’t get packed. A lawn should be aerated at least once a year. There are specific tools available for this which poke out the soil in form of little lumps which break down later on. If aeration is not feasible on a regular basis at least you can drive a fork through the lawn. The soil will get tilled and the lawn will get more breathing.

Organic fertilizer

A lawn itself produces lot of organic fertilizer which you unknowingly take away as trash. It’s best to leave grass trimmings in the lawn as they will be absorbed after getting decomposed. You’ll rarely need to add extra fertilizers. For this reason a mulching or reel lawn mower is better as it will leave very fine trimmings of grass than a rotary or other lawn mower. And don’t worry, grass clippings don’t cause thatch. But if it already exists then it’s better not to leave grass clippings in the lawn.

When there’s a need to add fertilizers opt for an organic one; with N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) 3%, 1%, 2% respectively. Also, read carefully all the instructions of using the fertilizer especially the dosage. Organic fish emulsion or compost tea is a great treat for any lawn. You can find them either at a gardening center or order through internet.

The way you tend to your lawn reflects the quality of your life. When you care and love the nature around you it gives you back in bounty. So don’t get laid back, get up, work it out and cheer with your lovely lawn.

How to maintain your lawn mower

What harm can a thing like a lawn mower do? Don’t be surprised if we tell you the fact that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that each year lawn mowers injure over 110,000 people seriously enough to require treatment in hospital emergency rooms. I am sure now you’ll find this article more interesting. Hey we are not making you afraid but a lawn mower can be very hazardous if not handled properly.

So here are a few tips from our side to make you and your lawn happy.

1. Do read the instruction manual no matter how boring it is. It is going to pay back whenever you have some trouble. Once you go through all the instructions and safety measures you will get to know how to handle your mower thoroughly.

2. Make sure your lawn is entirely clean before you start mowing. No twigs or toys or pebbles or plastics. Objects picked up and hurled by the blade cause many injuries, even deaths.

3. Mow your lawn when the children are at school and the pets are asleep. We mean keep them away while you mow. But if kids are around don’t give in when they ask to mow. Even if they are grown up and can mow still don’t leave them alone and give them all necessary instructions.

4. Handle your mower the way it is instructed in the manual if it says push then don’t pull. Every mower has its own specific motions.

5. Fill your mowers tank in an open area doing so in an enclosed area can cause building up of combustible fumes.

6. While filling gas don’t smoke and keep away any open flame from the tank.7. And please don’t store petrol or any such fuel in unmarked containers in your home.

8. Don’t fill the tank when engine is running or it is still hot after you have mowed.

9. It is better to fill the tank every time before you mow and fill only as much is required.

10. Remove the spark plug before doing any maintenance work on your lawn mower.

11. Don’t start your mower engine in an enclosed area.

12. Don’t leave your mower engine running. Turn it off whenever you leave it even for a few minutes.

13. Maintenance should be done only when engine and all the power controls are off.

14. Always wear closed sturdy shoes and long pants while mowing.

15. Also keep clear from discharge chute as any object can come hurtling at great speed while you are mowing.

16. Whoever is going to operate the mower should be trained and given all the requisite instructions. Also he or she should be observed until it’s safe to let the person mow alone.

17. Every protective device should be in place before starting the mower. Shields and guards can protect you from serious injury in case of any mishap.

18. Don’t let small kids ride with you on the mower. A rider can be thrown off from mower and can get run over. You’ll also get distracted if there is someone by your side which is not good from safety point of view.

19. Use your mower only for mowing. Playing with such a machine can have lasting repercussions.

20. Drive up and down slopes when operating a riding mower and mow across the slope when you have a walk behind mower. A mower if overturns can cause serious injuries.

21. Getting the service done by experts is always a better option but you still should keep your mower clean and checked especially in mowing season. If you have any doubt about repair or while changing blades ask a service person. Also get your mower inspected annually.

22. Manufacturers have made operator-presence safety stops that stops the blades within 3 seconds after controls are released. Brakes may have to be adjusted, but this safety feature should never be overlooked. The trailing toe shield and the discharge chute protection should be operational.

23. Don’t mow your lawn if it is wet and adjust cutting height before beginning.

24. Except if your electric mower is labeled “double insulated,” always plug it into a grounded (3-prong) outlet.

25. Last but not the least use earplugs to prevent hearing loss.

Monthly Tips

Is there something broken on your lawnmower or small engine? Sometimes when parts have to be ordered it takes time to get the parts in. Save time and order the parts now and have your lawnmower or small engine ready by the time lawn season starts. When you thinking about buying new or a used lawn mower you always some deep research about that particular lawn on mowers guide website.

Gas going bad is a big problem really the main problem. Bad gas gums up the carburetor and can make repairs expensive. The gas we have today has no preservatives in it.

Note: The ounce or two of gas in the carburetor will not last but for a few months but if you put stabilizer in your fresh gas can it can last for up to 2 years.

I suggest putting any type gas stabilizer in your gas can to help your small engines carburetor stay gum free.

Note: This will save you money and stabilizer doesn’t cost very much and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Stabilizer should be used year round to keep your engine running good.

Make sure you are pouring gas in the gas tank and not kerosene or heater fuel. So many people grab the wrong container after winter and fill there lawnmower or small engine with fluid that is not gas. Check your container and make sure the fluid is gasoline.

Spark plug: The spark plug will and can go bad. Your spark plug may be sparking but it may have a short in side of the porcelain, which is located in the center of the plug. Your lawnmower may skip or not run at all. The best way to check if this is your problem is to change the plug. When you change your plug don’t forget to gap the electrode where it is curved with a feeler gauge at the recommended spec in your owner’s manual. Or call your nearest lawnmower shop.

Oil: Did you change your oil this month? (Take 15min out of your time and make your engines last longer) Oil is a necessity for all engines especially your small engines. Small engines work very hard and the oil they take breaks down quick and needs to be changed every 25hrs. Keeping your oil changed ads to the life of your small engine.

Is your blade sharp? A sharp blade makes your engine not have to work as hard in turn you don’t use as much gas and it don’t take as long to cut the grass. Keeping your blade sharp will make your grass look nicer.

Is your lawnmower or small engine smoking after you sharpened the blade? When you’re lifting a lawnmower or small engine on its side sometimes oil leaks in to the carburetor and makes it smoke. If you run the lawnmower or small engine for a few minutes the smoking should stop. Always lift with the carburetor up.

Self-propelled drive: Why have a self-propelled drive on your push mower and it not work? To make your self-propelled drive system last longer you have to keep it clean. Keeping your belts clean will keep your self-propelled system working correctly. Grass build up will cause you major problems so I feel you need to clean your self-propelled drive every time you change your oil every 25 hours. This is very simple to do.

Cables: Example: throttle cables, choke cables, and self-propel cables save the life of your cables by lubricating them frequently. They will last longer if they are moving properly.

All cables are important and need to work properly for the life of your lawnmower. Use a good spray lubricant to oil the cables.

Is the fluid in your battery full? If you keep your battery fluid full it will last longer. If your battery needs fluid use distilled water to refill.

Note: Keep battery charged over the winter to save you from having to buy one every year.

So here is a comprehensive guide about how to maintain your lawn and how to maintain your lawn mower. We hope this small efforts help you a lot and enhanced your gardening experience.